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Friday, February 24, 2012

Moroccan artisans

Had I known that Morocco was such a shoppers' paradise, I might have saved a bit of money to buy some of the very high-quality decorative pieces that I saw in shops and in the markets.  Since I only took enough money to buy cheap souvenirs, however, I spent most of my trip trying to convince merchants that I was not a rich American who could solve their economic crisis with one swipe of my Visa.  

Ceramics were fairly cheap but not extremely easy to transport.

Who wouldn't love to have this fountain in their back yard or courtyard?  I didn't even ask the price.

If I remember correctly, the original asking price for this beauty from Fes was 8000 dirham or 800 euros.  It would easily fill my living room, and it's hand-woven, but I could not permit myself such a luxury.

A party dress in my favorite color!

Scarves were very reasonably-priced and light enough to travel so I did pick up a few.

Seeing how leather is processed was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  The colorful vats are all-natural dyes and the last step before the skins are stretched out in the sun to dry.

These jackets were soooo soft, but I didn't try one on because there is almost no such thing as browsing in Morocco.  To show interest is to purchase.
This artisan is hammering sterling silver into a design that he etched into a plate.  This skill is one of the specialties of Meknes.  

At the Marrakech market

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