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Friday, February 24, 2012

Monkeys and snakes

Moroccan markets are lively, smelly places.  I loved winding through the narrow streets filled with families running errands and tourists looking for a deal.  In one part we saw bloody goat heads on tables, live chickens awaiting their fate, mountains of juicy, delicious oranges, fish, spices, and pastries.  Far from this interesting mixture of sights and smells we admired the leather, ceramics, and jewelry that Morocco is known for.
At the market or "souk" in Marrakech, there was also a sideshow aspect to the whole scene.  The Place Jemaa-el-Fna was full of monkeys in diapers on leashes and snake charmers calling cobras out of their baskets.  I did not want to get near either, but Jed ran straight to the animals, of course.

We paid 10 dirham for this photo, and then I got out the hand wipes!  Yuck!

Great fun for a wild boy!

I really begged these guys to stay away from me!

You can have my son, just don't touch me with a snake!  

The snake charmers were all smiles until the photo session was over, and they asked me for 200 dirham. When I refused, they surrounded me yelling.  Even the big cobra trainer got up from his crossed-legged position AND LEFT HIS VENIMOUS SNAKE ALONE to come yell at me.  In the end, I held my ground and gave them 20 dirham.  

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