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Friday, July 6, 2012

Party at the collège

On Thursday night, we had the end of the year party at my school.  Since the cafeteria is being remodeled, we met outside to eat and celebrate.  A lot of people were missing, but some of my favorites were there.  Mr. Galléa gave bouquets to all of the teachers leaving Cléon d'Andran this year and made a little speech about each one.  Brigitte gave everyone a gift that she had selected on behalf of the faculty.  Mine was a beautiful, colorful necklace.  Mr. Galléa said very nice things about my year, and then Brigitte and Caroline spoke as well.  It was extremely sweet and moving.  To top it off, all of the faculty and staff sang a song that Caroline had written about me.  I was a puddle of tears afterwards.

Here are a few of my wonderful colleagues at the Collège Olivier de Serres.

Aurélie (French), Sylvaine (art), Caroline (English)

Christine (assistant principal) and Anne (English)

Cyril and Henri, the history department

Michel (principal) with his newest grandson (one month old)

Chloe and Priscilla (German)

Solène (physics) and Margot

Sophie (French) and Raphaël

Yvan (physics) and his wife, Brigitte (PE)

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