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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Voice

The Coaches:  Garrou, Jennyfer, Florent Pagny, Louis Bertignac

    If you thought that living in this land of great artists would cure me of my reality TV habit, you were wrong.  I quickly became hooked on the American import, The Voice, a few months ago and missed only one episode (the semifinals last week)  to have dinner with friends.  As a sign of how addicted I am, though, I immediately looked up videos of all of the performances as soon as I got home (at 1:00 a.m.!), and I called my friend, Bénédicte the next day to invite her over to our place for the finale.
    Our only obstacle to hours of TV-watching bliss was going to be Sam's arrival at the Montélimar train station at 9:30 p.m., but that was removed when he surprised us at 2:30 in the afternoon.  When he got here, I took a nap in order to make it all the way to the end of the music marathon then cleaned the apartment and made dinner.
    Even though my favorite singer was not among the four finalists, I had no problem choosing a new performer to root for, and even after I had made my announcement, I went back and forth between three of the four based on their stellar performances last night.  Sam and Jed were a LITTLE noisy for my liking and they relentlessly made fun of me and Bénédicte, but it was a fun evening.
    In the end, Stephan Rizon, a young man with a powerful voice, won the title.  I like Louis Delort's style more and expected the beautiful Al. Hy to win so that just shows what a poor talent scout I would be.

Fourth Place:  Aude Henneville

Third Place:  Al. Hy

Second Place:  Louis Delort

First Place:  Stephan Rizon

My favorite in the competition:  Amalya

Here is a link to an article in French about the winner:

And here's the reason he won!

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  1. Because you told me about, I really chose to watch this TV show because of you! Well, I confess I zapped channels for a while, because I thought the 4 competitors were so not as good as the candidates in another TV-show La Nouvelle Star were. Well, I was there at the end. And I would have voted for Aude if I had to, my second choice was Stephan. In my opinion, the problem with the 2 others, is that they both sound(ed), copy(ied) gesture and way to sing like other artists (who won La Nouvelle Star those 4 past years). So it was for me not very new in the competition. And too much deja vu stuff! At the end I was happy Stephan won, but Aude deserved it too.