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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spectacle de fin d'année

Even though it's not really the end of the year, the school had its big end of year show on Thursday and Friday night.  I have been attending chorus practice on Tuesday at lunch all year so I sang with the kids and tried to hide out in the back so that I would not look like the world's oldest eighth grader.

At our dress rehearsals on Monday and Thursday, I took a few photos of all of the acts.  Our chorus sang several songs written by the students of the collège in collaboration with the composer Vincent Gaffet.  We also sang "The Rose" in English, which made me cry almost every time.

Sweet Marie-Lise allowed me to sing with her group, and I am so grateful.  It was a lot of fun.  Her maternity leave started Friday night after the concert.  We were glad that she made it that far!  Anne, Marie-Lise's assistant, was happiest of all, I'm sure.  She was ready to take over, if necessary, but she preferred to sing in the chorus with us.

The theme of the show was "Un Musée Pas Comme Les Autres."

The "sixièmes" did a butterfly dance.

Frames were used beautifully in many of the numbers.  The gym teachers, Brigitte and Marianne, choreographed all of the dances, and the art teacher, Sylvaine, worked on costumes and set pieces.  

The "troisièmes" girls.  Their routine was my favorite.

The "troisièmes" boys were impressive too.

A cute trio from my quatrième un class.  (I'm not putting names in case their families would not approve.)

Waiting "en coulisses."  I teach two of the three girls.

Girls from my cinquième trois class.

Two more girls from cinquième trois plus a new little friend on the right.

The girls who sang near me in the performance and made sure that I did not have a cheat sheet with the words to the songs.  

Three boys from quatrième un.  These three were part of a group that interviewed me for the school newspaper earlier in the year.  They've also helped me with technology and have just been nice to me in general.  

Some girls from quatrième un and boys who jumped into their photo.

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