My son and I are leaving our small town in southeastern United States to live for a year in a small town in southeastern France. It couldn't possibly be THAT different, right?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lovelaces in Paris

Jed and I began our spring break with a sweet family reunion in Paris.  We arrived by TGV around 12:30 and took the métro to the École Militaire stop where we were greeted by the nicest welcoming committee---Lynda, Clay, and Harper!
They were finishing up a week that began in Nice and Monaco and took them to Lyon and Saint Lô so we were surprised that they wanted to trek around with us, but trek they did!  We spent the afternoon in the Montmartre area visiting the church and watching street performers and artists.  We all climbed the 300+ stairs to the top of Sacré Coeur's dome and then descended into its crypt to see a statue of Saint Denis holding his head in his hands.
Afterwards, Jed and I ran over to the Hôtel Mercure near the Gare du Nord to check in and then met everyone back at the Restaurant, Relais de l'Entrecôte, where there is only one main dish on the menu: steak and fries and one beer: Heineken in the bottle.  That certainly takes away the "what are you having?" discussion.   It also ensures quick service and good quality, I think.  I loved it!  The dessert and wine menus were fairly extensive considering the lack of choice in other areas.  We ended up with eight different desserts at the table.  I had a lemon sorbet in vodka that I will definitely try to reproduce at my next grown-up party.
Alas, the time went by far too quickly, and we said goodbye in the métro station close to midnight.  Lynda and I cried buckets, and Jed was so embarrassed!  I'm not sure if seeing the Lovelaces was a cure for homesickness or if it made it worse, but I'm glad that we had the time together anyway.

Jed was thrilled to see his Aunt Lynda!

After our climb to the top of the dome, we shopped for art in the square.  Jed wanted to sit for a portrait, but we didn't have the time.

Inside the dome of Sacré Coeur.  The narrow, steep stairway that led here was not my favorite part of the day.

Lynda, Staci, Clay, Harper, and Jessica spent the afternoon with us while Wayne shopped for a suitcase to replace one that broke.

Jed and the golden man helping me prove that my son really DOES need a haircut!

Jed's dinner was fries, coke, and chocolate ice cream---another proud moment in parenting recorded!

Bring on the steak frites!  We waited at least 30 minutes for a table, but it was worth it.

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