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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Election Day

This link explains in simple terms how today's vote works.

One of the polling sites, the theatre

The Palais de Justice, where voting irregularities can be addressed
Maybe one day it will be warm enough for Jed to stop wearing this darn skeleton jacket!  

Nicolas Sarkozy, the current president

François Hollande, one of the top contenders, if you can believe the media

Never heard of her, but I like her glasses!

Her dad is Jean-Marie Le Pen.  Look him up; he's a real charmer.  I wish that I had taken these photos before they were defaced, but I think that that happened pretty soon after they were posted.  These are just five of the candidates up for election in this "premier tour" or first round.  The two who get the most votes will be on the ballot in May.  

This is not a political candidate, but I thought that it was amusing that this poster was just next to all of their mug shots.  That's not why I took the photo, though.  This woman is one of Jed's aftercare teachers at school.  

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  1. Final results: 1st place Hollande, 2nd place Sarkozy, 3rd place Le Pen