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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

School shootings

For those of you who speak French, I've attached a link to an article about several peaceful marches that have taken place since last week's school shooting in Toulouse.

In case you missed the news, here's what happened.  Terrorist, Mohammed Merah, arrived at a Jewish school in Toulouse on March 19th on a scooter and started shooting.  He killed one of the teachers, (Jonathan Sandler) his two young sons (Aryeh and Gabriel) and the principal's daughter (Miryam Monsonégo) and seriously injured a seventeen-year-old boy.  He apparently had a video camera strapped to his chest the entire time so that he could show the world what he had done, but so far, news stations have refused to put it on the air.

The shooter was killed during a standoff with French police.

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