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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Parent conference

I just met with the mom of one of the boys involved in the fight that took place in my classroom a few weeks ago.  She was at school to talk with the Spanish teacher about his progress so I asked if I could drop in to see if there had been any lingering hostilities between the two boys.  Her son is new at our school this year and has not been very well accepted so I worry about him.

Imagine my surprise as well as this poor mother's when I told her that her son had been very calm and on task since the incident.  "Incident? What incident?" she replied.  I almost fell over.  Her son was involved in a violent fight that resulted in desks and chairs being thrown and me being punched in the face, and not only were the boys not punished, the school has not even mentioned it to her.

The mom is angry because she wants her son to be punished.  She thinks that he has gotten too aggressive lately and that he risks becoming out of control.  She needs the school to do its part.  She doesn't want them to parent, but when things happen on their turf, she wants them to take action.

Her son brought a knife to school one morning about a month ago and showed it to another student.  The administration did not take the knife and did not tell her until the afternoon that an incident had occurred.  Of course, by then, her son had made the knife disappear.  The mom has no idea where it came from and cannot imagine why he was allowed to keep it all day after an incident report was filed.

I understand how busy the administration at my school is.  It's a big place with kids with some pretty serious problems.  There are some things that you just cannot let slip through the cracks, though.


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