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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Brotschuls are here!

Entertaining company is so much fun, especially when there are people for both me AND Jed to play with!  We have been looking forward to a visit from Amy, Sev, and Dorian since we first met them in Paris in the fall.  Their winter break arrived at the end of ours, which meant that we could not travel together but that we could finally show them where we live.
They arrived Thursday night, and Dad Brotschul (aka Stephen) was with them.  Our apartment is small, but we can easily make sleeping space for four extras.
Three nights and two days of eating, drinking, and merriment followed.
I had to work for a few hours on Friday so Jed selflessly agreed to stay home from school and show everyone around town.  That night we ate pizza and played spoons and watched movies.
On Saturday, Carrie and Mary came from Crest, and we all walked to the Palais des Bonbons where we completed the high ropes course, called Accro Eiffel, which is located on the steel beams above the candy museum.  We walked across beams and a net bridge and did three zip lines, two short ones over nets and one long, very high one that scared more than a few of us.  The course ended with a straight jump down two stories attached to a cord.  Mine was more a fall than a jump because the instructor pushed me as I contemplated the height.  Thanks, Phillipe!
Saturday night, Burt and Nathan joined us at the apartment for wine, cheese and bread (for the adults) and ravioli and limonade (for the kids).  We had ten people here when we called Sam to sing Happy Birthday to him.  He then helped us sing Happy Birthday to Mary who turns 10 on Monday.  Afterwards, we got the kids all sugared up on Amy's Rice Krispie Treats and sent them to bed.  It was a wonderful day!
All good things must come to an end, though.  Jed and I walked the Brotschuls to the train station around noon today and both sniffed back tears as we walked home alone.
Now we're ready for our next guests!  Any takers?  We're great hosts!


About to do his first zip line!


The last zip line was scary!

The mamas and the daddy did pretty well, but we were hot and tired when we fell to the floor at the end!

Stephen added to our broken glass collection, which is quite large by now.  I couldn't complain, though. He washed dishes non-stop and helped prepare meals and took care of children!

The zip liners plus Nate who had a soccer game that afternoon.

Sev, Jed, and Dorian watch "The Mummy."

Saturday night feast.

Bye, guys!


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