My son and I are leaving our small town in southeastern United States to live for a year in a small town in southeastern France. It couldn't possibly be THAT different, right?

Friday, January 20, 2012


Jed and I do not have a lot of time to watch TV, but it is a great way to learn more about the culture and to pick up some new vocabulary words so we try to catch a few shows each week.  Our favorites are either count downs of the best music videos of the week or game shows.  

Famille en Or is the French version of Family Feud.  Richard Dawson is still my favorite host, but this guy and his kooky sidekick are entertaining.

Questions Pour un Champion starts out with four contestants (I think) who answer questions on a wide variety of subjects.  They dwindle down to two finalists who face off for the big money in a timed competition.

Des Chiffres et Des Lettres has both word and number competitions.  

This is Jed's favorite at the moment.  This is also an American import, apparently, but I had never seen it before coming here.  Contestants bet 250,000 euros on their answers to all kinds of questions.  We have never seen anyone win very much, but it's exciting.   

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