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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teacher strike

    Jed and I experienced our first-ever teacher strike today, and I have to say that we both feel a little disappointed.  There was a lot of excitement in the air beforehand (sort of like a snow day in South Carolina), but the reality was pretty dull.
    1.  Jed's teacher did not strike so it was business as usual in his classroom.  He was so angry!  The other kids got to play in the gym all day while he had to do math problems and conjugate verbs.
    2.  Although many teachers at my school participated in the strike, the students still showed up in fairly impressive numbers and attended the classes of those of us who were on campus.  Translation:  normal school day for me too!  I'm with Jed----no fair!
    3.  There was not even a picket line to cross!  I was kind of looking forward to seeing the signs and hearing some good chants.  My striking colleagues apparently just stayed home and got some more beauty rest, though.  They probably all met for lunch and made fun of the suckers holding down the fort at school.

Oh well, it wasn't exciting, but the positive side for me was that the really lazy kids are the ones who decided to show their support of the teachers' cause and stay home today.  To that, I say, "Vive la grève!"      

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