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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Short jazz concert

I am a little under the weather so Jed and I did not make any plans to visit the area this weekend.  Instead, we saw an advertisement for a free show at the Calepin theatre and decided to go.  The ad said that they would be presenting the 2011-2012 season and serving apéritif.  Not one to turn down free food and alcohol even when I have a cold, this sounded like a good idea to me.  Jed saw this poster and thought that surely we would see acrobats and magicians.  
Well, for he second time this week, I got the two of us terribly lost within blocks of our apartment.  On the map, the theatre appeared to be right around the corner.  Ah yes, but WHICH corner?  I am truly a geographic dyslexic.  Poor Jed!  We walked around in circles for an hour before stumbling upon the theatre.
There, much to Jed's disappointment, we found that the presentation of the season involved well-spoken, well-dressed theatre people DESCRIBING the season's offerings after which we were treated to some fine jazz performed by four young musicians.  Due to our detours around the neighborhood, we had missed apéritif, but I was perfectly happy to sit and rest and listen to the music.  Jed was too---for about ten minutes.  Then he started asking when they were going to juggle fire or make someone disappear.  I decided to make us disappear instead.  We sneaked out after only four songs and went and bought a pizza from a van on the street. 
The Shaka Silva Quartet

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