My son and I are leaving our small town in southeastern United States to live for a year in a small town in southeastern France. It couldn't possibly be THAT different, right?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chez nous

Here are some photos of our new home.  We live in the top right apartment.  I love the shutters that cover the windows and block almost all light at night as well as the windows that open wide and let in the cool breezes.  
This is the view from the living room window.  Jed and his friends play under the weeping willow in the afternoons.
This is the fifteen-year-old Renault Laguna that I get to drive this year.  Its owner, Jean-Marie Vieux could not be nicer.  I took him for a drive my first afternoon in town, and he still accepted this crazy car-exchange deal after hopping and stalling around town with me.  I drove to my new school this afternoon to meet my new principal and stalled at least five times on the way.  Damn those roundabouts!  The trip back to the apartment was much smoother, but I sputtered to a stop while trying to park.  It's a good thing that I'm not trying to impress anyone with my smooth moves this year.
Jed having dinner on our balcony.  Yes, those are chicken nuggets that you see!  You can take the boy out of South Carolina, but...


  1. AH !!! I see that lovely baguette !!! yummy! When does school start for everyone? Will Jed be in your school?

  2. Everyone starts on the 5th, but unfortunately, Jed is not at my school. I work 20 minutes outside of town, and his school is close to the apartment.

  3. What a wonderful change of pace... I hope you enjoy every moment!